Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Another normal day


"Busy" watching old Doctor Who episodes and knitting. Even if I watch one story (usually four episodes, sometimes more) each day, it'll still take me the rest of the year to get through it all, I'm sure.

Meeting tomorrow at the place I am going to start training.

My beloved aetherspoon's birthday today.

Got cat food today.. that was my only time out of the house.

Was supposed to meet Aniki, but as happens over half the time we make plans, he cancels for some reason. I didn't really mind this time, as I am bleeding heavily from my netherregions, and that always makes me less inclined to go anywhere.

But I had a good day. Lots of tea, cuddles with the cat. Another wasp encounter without hostilities. Oh yeah, last night as I slipped off my robe, about to go to bed, I felt something on my shoulder, like a stray strand of hair or something. I looked, and saw a daddy-longlegs spider walking down my arm. I didn't freak out or anything. I still don't like having creepy-crawlies that close, but I've noticed a definite decrease in squeamishness around them. A couple of days ago I tried to get a wasp out of the house using my bare hands. It didn't work very well, so I reverted to the tried and true glass and piece of paper trick.

I've been sloppy with keeping track of my batteries lately, leaving me with the situation of not having a single fully charged pair of AAs. I think it's time to buy one of those chargers that takes care of the whole thing in just two or four hours.. mine takes fifteen hours. I won't have them for tomorrow. I probably won't take that many pictures tomorrow anyway, but I have a low battery warning on my current pair. They don't seem to last as long as they used to. I wonder if it's the batteries or the camera, or a combination.

Last time Sigmund visited, he had a great camera with him.. A Canon something SLR. (Borrowed from his school's library - I want a library that lets me borrow awesome gear!) Had a good deal of fun with that. Anyway, it made me realize how crappy my camera actually is. I didn't get anywhere near getting used to the other camera, so I can live with mine for now, but I really want an awesome camera. Being able to adjust focus manually was so nice. My camera seems to be able to read my mind and focus anywhere but where I want it to. I have to trick it into focusing where I want by putting my hand in front of the lens, focusing on it and removing it just before I take the picture.

Oh, I didn't write about Saturday! That was fun.. but I need to sleep now. Note to self: Write about Saturday tomorrow.

I haven't read any books for a while. I should cut down on watching TV and read more.. but I can't knit while I read very well. It is far more compatible with watching TV. Audio books are an option, but it doesn't help my spelling any.. but it might help my pronunciation.

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