Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Still seething with an unexplained rage. I don't even know why I'm angry at, or who it's directed at.

Yesterday was pretty good. I was spaced out and missed my stop on my first part of the commute, and had to walk back. Still managed to get to work -just- on time. Go me! Today, however, I was over an hour late. No one seems to have noticed though. In fact, so far, not a single person has spoken to me today.

Harriet-san is gone again, I think. When I got back last night, the car was gone, and it was still gone this morning, so I think she spent the night elsewhere. Yet I woke up around 1:30 and thought I heard sounds as if the TV was on downstairs. I was too tired to get up and check, but I'm pretty sure there was no one and nothing there. Woke up a couple of more times too, and had only nightmares.

In the first nightmare, I was living with my family, and Sigmund told me that mom was going to die today, so I made sure I had a proper farewell with her that morning, and somehow I couldn't say "don't go" or anything like that. But I could tell her I love her.
And sure enough, she did die, in a traffic accident, together with some high-up church guy, who of course got all the attention. And I was devastated. Despite having time to prepare, it was still a huge loss.. I can't even describe the grief.
Unless I go first, it's something I'll have to face some day, and it terrifies me. It could very well be several decades into the future, but I'm still scared.

The other nightmare wasn't nearly as bad.. in fact it was kind of amusing. I was together with Mr. Monk, and we were fleeing from some weird people who were after him. I later found out that it was because he was actually a descendant of Dracula himself, and they were going to use him in a plot to re-create the vampire race. We got separated and they tried to trick me with a replacement, but I spotted their scheme immediately, twice, because the fake didn't really act like Mr. Monk at all. XD

I missed a call on my cell last night. From an unknown number, but not very different from my own. Maybe Sigmund finally got a cellphone again? I'm not going to call back, because it might just be someone who dialed the wrong number. Tried looking up the number, but there was no listing for it.

Called mom, but she didn't know anything about him getting a new number. Doesn't mean it's not his, though.
Will probably meet my mom tonight or tomorrow. Maybe we can go see Snakes on a Plane together.. it's finally hitting Norwegian cinemas today.

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