Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Second entry this month.


Past few days have been bad. I should write about it before it all dissolves into obscurity.

Tuesday at work was really bad. Something triggered me during the job applicants' course and I started crying. Have supressed most of it. Later the same day, a guy with a chainsaw cut off several branches off my favorite tree here. Now, I am just relieved they weren't killing her, but it hurt to stand there helpless while a friend was brutally maimed. I love that tree and her big trunk overgrown with moss, soft like fur.

Thankfully, Tuesday night was good, thanks to a long conversation with two dear friends, ranging from deep to light-hearted silliness.

Yesterday's psych appointment went well. Next appointment is in two weeks.

Aniki might visit me this weekend. That would be awesome. I have so much tea to show him.. maybe we could meet at the Tea Palace first, buy a tea and go to my place to try it out.

If I can find the guts to do so, I'm going to ask to have tomorrow off. I'm under far too much stress this week.
Nothing has happened so far today. What was the point in me coming here anyway?
Tags: work

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