Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Quick summary of today's events:


The vile one returned around 4:45 AM and went to sleep in his mother's bed. She came home around noon, he got angry at her for waking him. He wants to take a shower, she tells him to use the downstairs bath, he goes up here to shower. Discovers the bathroom isn't very clean, tells me to clean it. I ignore him. A bit later he comes back and yells at me again. Eventually starts throwing things at my door and calling me names.

I call the police.
They come.

Eventually it was revealed that the reason he was here and so angry is that he's had an argument with the friend he was sharing an apartment with and has been kicked out. So he doesn't really have anywhere to go. I knew this day would eventually come, but talk about bad timing..

He left, possibly to try to reconcile with his friend or crash at someone else's place, or to return here tonight to terrorize me some more. Who knows? He is a very angry boy, age 35, who takes out his anger in the form of verbal abuse against his mother and me.

I'm moving out to my mom's for a while on Wednesday after my psych appointment. I don't know how long I'll be there, but she has DSL and I have my laptop, so things won't be all that different. I'm going down to the police station tomorrow to file charges, but I don't really have any dirt on him other than harassment and threatening behavior, no actual threats of bodily harm, so I don't think it'll do much.. but maybe they can help us get in touch with a conflict-solving service or something.

Whew, first time I've called the cops. It went rather well, I'd say. Too bad there wasn't anything to actually arrest him for.. I'd feel so much safer knowing he was locked up, if only for a few days. And I should have done this over a year ago, when he forced himself into my room that time just before I got the lock installed.
Tags: die worthless parasite die!

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