Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

First post of the month. -_-


The seasons have turned, and again my green cage turns into a bleak prison.

I went to visit my mother as planned. It wasn't quite as relaxing as I had anticipated - the cat was gone for several days at a time, and the morning of Saturday the 4th of November, I slipped on the ice on the stairs, sprained my right elbow and hit my forehead pretty badly.

My head recovered relatively fast, looks like I might get a small scar, though. Still a bit sore if I touch it. On Monday, I still couldn't stretch out my right arm fully, so mom took me to a doctor and then to a hospital for x-rays.

Before the fall, I was doing pretty good. Helping out and stuff. Then all of a sudden I was practically an invalid. I could barely make a cup of tea.
My pride was injured too. Did I not see the ice? How could I have slipped and fallen so spectacularly?
I must not have been really awake yet.

Weird tech issue that I will be impressed if anyone figures out: I noticed when I was at mom's place that I had no network connectivity from Ubuntu Linux. No light by the network port. I thought it might have been because I was using a cat6 cable instead of cat5, which made the light green instead of orange in windows, but now that I'm back home again, I still get no network connectivity under Ubuntu. I didn't change anything. I've rebooted several times. I'm completely clueless. Niichan said Ubuntu would remove power to the ethernet port if the cable wasn't plugged in during booting, but I still get no signal even when I boot with the cable plugged in.

Still knitting a lot, but not working on the projects I should. I finished a hat which I gave to my mom, and a cap/short hat for myself yesterday or so, and a headband today. Headgear is relatively uncomplicated. I should move on to socks, but it still seems very difficult. And gloves? Probably never. I'll consider myself successful if I can ever manage mittens. So, hats and scarves mainly. I need more experience with multiple colors.. I'm not good at that at all.

Yesterday I was woken up by a bird that had got into my room on accident. Odessa wanted to help catch it, so it was a bit harder than if I had been on my own, since I had to keep her from harming it as well. Poor tit was scared senseless.. but after holding it for a while, it regained its senses and started biting me. It didn't even hurt, but I was impressed with its fighting spirit and let it go.
Tags: knitting, linux, medical log

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