Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Today feels like a failure. Though in many a way, I did pretty good.

I got out of bed at 6:10. I managed to get to work on time, though I had to skip breakfast in order to do so.

The time spent at work was meaningless. And I got so restless that just before lunch, I went to the nearby mall and got some yarn and knitting needles. ^_^;;

I guess I should go to work tomorrow, just so I won't have to make a phone call to let my boss know I won't be there on monday as I have an appointment with my psychologist.
I think I'm not going. I don't think anyone will notice if I'm not there.

I pigged out on potato crisps and chocolate once I got home. It left a bad taste in my mouth.. I don't know if it's the guilt, self-loathing or the MSG. Later I had some mushrooms and cheese. Yeah, too tired to cook.

I've been reading apartment ads all day. It's always the same.. Pets not allowed, or too small, or too expensive, or in a part of town I wouldn't want my cat to roam outdoors.

Continuing my streak of accidental self-injury, I got a paper cut when I picked up the mail. Also, my new router arrived today, but I didn't hear the doorbell, so I'll have to pick it up at the post office tomorrow.

Watched some anime, Princess Princess. While it had its good points, it didn't quite satisfy. The main characters were okay, but the supporting characters had no depth. And all the generics were just stupid. The whole setting was ridiculous. But my main complaint is that the conflicts were all solved far too easily. Just because it has crossdressing in it doesn't mean I'll love it unconditionally. You'll have to try harder than that.
Tags: anime, knitting, work

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