Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

A day in the life.


Went to bed at 21:45 last night. Laid awake for hours. Had a nightmare in which I was at my mom's place (only it was different), and I was trying to sleep, but I couldn't rid myself of my entire consciousness, and then there was some guy in the room, using my mom's computer (which was running Windows 98 again), and I just assumed he was meant to be there, and tried to go back to sleep.. I don't remember the words exchanged, but he got violent and attacked me, and I was saved by a strange woman who was there to steal stuff.. she told me the front door was unlocked.

What the heck is up with these invasion dreams?

So I woke up at 5-something, probably because of the cat. I managed to fall asleep again from sheer exhaustion, and awoke to my alarm at six. Got up, tried to minimize time wasted, lavished the cat with affection for a bit, brushed my teeth, read LJ and showered. More online stuff as I dried, got dressed, went down to the kitchen for tea and breakfast. Burned the bread somewhat, because the toaster is malfunctioning and doesn't pop the bread up anymore. It wasn't too bad.
As I was drinking my tea, I realized that this was it, it was time to go.

Got off the subway at my usual stop and walked over to the bus stop. There was a bus there, I could have reached it if I had bothered to run just a little bit, but I didn't feel like it. I was on schedule anyway, and there's no point in arriving too early. I waited for the next bus. They go about once every five minutes during the morning rush anyway.

I sat next to a married man on the bus, and thought about how people just don't talk to strangers while commuting. I had an imaginary conversation with him in my head. His wife works part-time at a clothing store while studying. They have sex about three times a week; she has bad reactions to the pill, so they use condoms. They want kids eventually, so one of them getting the snip is out of the question. Then we talked for a bit about the legacies we leave for them - what's the point of having kids if all they are going to inherit is your debt, I asked, and he mostly agreed with that - in addition to wanting to enjoy some time as a couple and that their apartment was too small, not being that strong financially was the main reason for not having kids yet. He confided that he wasn't really looking forward to changing diapers, but wasn't about to let his wife do all the dirty work. Then his stop came up, "It was nice talking to you"s were exchanged, and I was left thinking that I'd never see him again. I never asked his name. If I had run to catch the other bus, I wonder who I'd be sitting next to. Probably someone who smelled bad.

I got to work, hugged my guardian tree and asked her to preserve my sanity today too, and clocked in at 7:59.

The mail server was down, so I couldn't retrieve the litestep module I had emailed myself that way, but as I had sent it from gmail, I could download it from the saved message in the sent folder.

Have actually talked to some of my co-workers today.

Ate the pack of cashew nuts I had stashed in my locker.

Mail server is responding again now.

Lunch break in half an hour. I want to sleep.
Tags: everyday boring entry, weird dreams

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