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In an effort to get my favorite toothpaste, I went to one of the largest supermarkets in town. Naturally, since I was there, I did some shopping for other items not available in my local area. So many temptations.. white tea with blackcurrant flavor, white tea with apricot flavor.. these I resisted because I really do not need to add to my tea collection. But, so many unusual things. Bouillon without MSG!! Unfortunately it was only available in beef, chicken and vegetable varieties. There was a fish bouillon of a different brand that was without MSG, but it had mussel extract in it. I don't eat mollusks.
It's not an allergy, but I wanted to have my own forbidden food. So many religions forbid this or that because it's considered either unclean or sacred. However, in my case, it's purely a choice. It's "I don't eat mollusks because I decided not to" not "I don't eat mollusks because my religion forbids it".

I got some chocolate, cashew nut butter, a spice mix, and a Tootsie Roll. It's a name that comes up quite often, but not being American, I've never actually had one. So I'm going to try it, but not today.. I've already had a small chocolate, which is more than enough sugar for today.

I finished off the other tea I got from darth_blade all that time ago - a long-leafed black tea which tasted very good, even two years old. The expiry date claimed it was still good for another year, but most teas go by the two-year rule. I still have most of the abomination teabags (with the elephant on the box). -_-

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