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It hasn't been a half a year, and I'm already looking to do a nuke and pave on Chiron. Yesterday, after coming home from work, he wouldn't boot into Windows. After the XP logo, before the login screen, the screen would just go black and nothing would ever happen. Safe mode worked, so I uninstalled the graphics drivers and that let me boot normally. However, on reinstalling the drivers, I found that I could no longer extend my desktop to the TV. Clone mode only. Uninstalled and reinstalled various versions of the drivers, but nothing.

Hopefully a clean slate will solve this and the network issue.
I also need to install WinXP on Matsuri (I have a license, and she's currently running a pirated 2000), and do something with Lorelai. Lorelai would be good for Linux, but I do have an XP license for her. I suppose I'll set up another dual-boot scheme.

Trouble is, I don't have time for all this. Stuff needs to be backed up first. My harddrives are filling up. My CD/DVD binders are filling up.. the nice ones, anyway. I'm running low on blank DVDs. I still haven't organized my old photos for burning.

I need a four-day-weekend, NOW.
Tags: chiron, computer geekery, woe

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