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first post of December.


Had my first group therapy session yesterday. I had to sign a form about not revealing any private information, so I can't give much in the way of details, but it was cool - at the end of the session I felt like I had known the others for a long time. Their issues may not be the same as mine, but I found that I could relate to everything, and no one seemed bored or uninterested when I talked about my problems.

About a block away from work this morning, I started crying a little. For no other reason that I don't want to be here. I think it's pretty much doomed at this point - I regret that I haven't made more of an effort to learn stuff in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.. programs I can't afford to buy to play around with at home. Other than those, I won't miss this place at all after I leave.

I had my little brother visit this weekend; we had fun of course, and on Saturday (December the 2nd), we met up with our Aniki and went to Le Palais des Thés.
I purchased three teas (Qimen Hao Ya, Wu Long 7 agrumes and Loreleï) to send half to darth_blade and his sister. [Package sent yesterday] Aniki purchased some Japanese green tea (Tamaryokucha Imperial) and Thé des Enfants for my broke little brother. Then we went over to my place and tasted most of them, and divided up the loot. I got some of Aniki's tea, and I donated an old jasmine-smelling box to him. If I'd have more empty boxes available, I'd have tried to get rid of more of the tea I have.

Oh, and I found a tea that I think may be the same or at least very similar to the "best tea ever" my dad brought back from China all that time ago - I've been drinking it more frequently lately as there is no point in "saving" it for special occasions if it's just going to go bad while I drink inferior tea.

I've been pretty depressed lately, coupled with thoughts of dying, which of course are never going to translate into action on my part. But I still have those thoughts, and they are annoying and/or disturbing.

I've been stressed so badly my period was two days late. What's the point of bleeding if I can't tell what phase the moon is by it?

They say the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, but for those of us with an uterus, there is an added tax of massive bleeding and cramps.

Laughed inside as I saw my secondary boss's look of WTF as he tried to navigate around my Litestep theme. He kept looking for the Start button in the lower left corner (where my systray is).

I can't find IE7 in windows update. Is it not out in Norwegian yet? I don't really care; I wasn't planning to use it. There was just a stupid instruction CD that seemed to only work in IE6, not 7. (if using FF, it asked you to install IE4 or higher - I'm guessing it used ActiveX and default security settings in IE7 blocked it)
Tags: mental health, stuff, tea, work

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