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I can write three pages of the entry and not know what to put for subject.


I keep thinking "I should do that too" when I see indigoskynet's "5 good things" posts. I'm not sure I could muster up five good things about each day without resorting to describing more than one excellent tea I've had, though.

I'll try.

1 - Kitty! I saw a cute black kitten in a window on my way to work. It seemed glad to see me too.

2 - No stress and got to work on time, thanks to reduced working hours - I start at ten now.

3 - Had a wonderful cup of Oolong tea with seven citrus fruits this morning while playing Might and Magic VI.

4 - Odessa was with me when I woke up this morning. She didn't go out after I fell asleep, so the ventilation hatch wasn't left open and my room wasn't freezing cold.

5 - uh... more tea? This is still before noon, maybe I'll edit in something here later.

That wasn't too hard. I've also been thinking of doing a top three best and worst things of the day. Maybe listing the things that stress me.

Stressing things now include that I still haven't heard from the seller of the auction I won six days ago. I emailed him the day after, and have had no reply. I should try to call, but I really, really hate calling strangers.

I should get an appointment with a dentist. Better to go now than wait until it gets worse, but I'm scared that he wants to take my wisdom teeth, since he said last time I was there [two years ago] that I should have them taken out in 1-2 years time. Have decided to do some research on wisdom teeth before I go. I don't even know why they are supposed to be taken out, or what harm it could do to leave them.

I haven't even started on getting giftmas presents for my family and friends. Except for darth_blade's, which is in the mail. I have no idea what they want, and this was a lot easier when I could do my shopping in Florida. I haven't written my own wishlist yet, either.
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