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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
Giftmas Wishlist 2006 
11th-Dec-2006 13:57
Pirate Kriatyrr & Odessa

Subject to editing.

Planetes boxed set - one of my favorite animes of all times, not too expensive. I'd like to see how the official translation is, having only seen a fansub. And I want to own more legit anime releases.
I want Utena too, but not as badly. I'll want to re-watch it sometime, but that could be a year from now. And it's more expensive, I bet.

Dim Sum Cha is meant to be a gift, so I'd feel bad if I bought it for myself. :P

Since I already have a lot, I don't wish for massive quantities of tea. However, I need teapots. Capacity of .4 liters would be ideal, but the closest I can find are .6 and .35, grr.

This one and This one are the ones I want the most. (had one of the latter, but it broke through carelessness; I loved it and used it every day)

(Yes, of course I want the green ones, but I've decided to buy myself one as a move-in present once I move)

Digital bathroom scale.

A toaster. I bet you can't find a green one, though.

Scented candles - IKEA's vanilla ones are my favorites.

Odessa wishes for Feline Greenies and karina mice, but seriously, she doesn't need any more toys.

Girl Got Game volumes 3 and onwards
Suikoden III (***check which ones I have first***)
Death Note volumes 2 and onward

Blank DVDs, any brand that doesn't suck.

Books you think I would like.
"The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins
"Greetings in Jesus Name!: The Scambaiter Letters" by Michael Berry
"Jennifer Government" by Max Barry
Something by Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman.

Gift certificates to clothing stores so I can get the pants I want.

A wireless access point.

A really shiny digital SLR camera, like a Nikon D70 or something.

Chocolate oranges. Chocolate apples. Anything chocolate, the more unusual the better. Cadbury's Snowflake.
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