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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
  Hopefully this will spread like a meme, though it's probably… 
19th-Dec-2006 16:57
Self greenhair

Hopefully this will spread like a meme, though it's probably too meaningful for that.

What would you like me to post about?

I'll cheat and go first.

aetherspoon or anyone else playing Oblivion, I want an entry written in the voice of your character, detailing his experiences on a random quest.

In other news.. yesterday's planned shopping trip of DOOM! to Sweden got canceled due to vehicular breakdown. I decided to spend the day giftmas shopping instead, and got several shiny things. Not quite done yet, but I'm getting there.

Awesome moment of the day was when a random person on the streed complimented me on the color of my jacket (bright limegreen). ^_^

I did get a little bit of human contact during the day.. at the train station, there was some new "download station" of a kind, where you could buy music or audio books directly to your mp3 player. They had a few free books, so I decided to try, but unsurprisingly, my mp3 player wouldn't register. They guy there was pretty helpful and I told him all about my mp3 player's stupid requirements of WinXP with media player 10, and we talked for a couple of minutes about different OSes. He had been considering trying out Linux, and I recommended ubuntu, and told him that if he was going to set up a dual-boot, to install windows first.

Today, I stayed in bed. Awoke to my alarm early in the morning, took my meds, and went back to sleep. From sunrise to sunset, I stayed in my bed, drifting in and out of sleep more times than I care to think of. And I still have that sleep deprivation headache.

Dentist appointment of DOOM! tomorrow.

I just logged in to check the due date on my library book, and it's not due until the 27th. I think I can actually finish it by then. Furthermore, I can even extend the due date again, since no one else have requested the book. So that's one less stress point, at least.

In MM6, I only have the assault on The Hive left.. I should finish off that game and install SMAC:SMAC. Or start my all-knights party.

But first, breakfast. At 17:00.
19th-Dec-2006 17:42 (UTC)

We tell you what we want you to post about, or what? o_O

19th-Dec-2006 20:20 (UTC)
Yes. It doesn't mean I'll automatically oblige, but if it's not much of an inconvenience, I probably will.

For instance, find some place in Oslo on google earth and ask me to go there and take some photos. I have a month pass now, so it wouldn't cost me anything as long as it's within the city limits. And I do need to get out more.
Or ask me to write about my opinion on a subject, or review a game or book I've recently experienced.
I'd like to write more, but a lot of the time I don't know what to write about.
19th-Dec-2006 20:27 (UTC)
So I could ask for something totally obscure like, "Every day for a week, go somewhere, take a picture of something you find interesting, and tie it in with a sexual fantasy of yours"?

19th-Dec-2006 20:48 (UTC)
Pictures of Hovedøya - Vestre batteri.
(This is a wonderful little restored fortress.)

But please - be sure you know the ferry times, so you don't get stuck on the island.
19th-Dec-2006 21:56 (UTC)
I get the feeling that where you live isn't nearly as urbanized as S. Florida... But, around here, there's very little actual 'wild' area, or anything even close to.

So, around our old apartment, there was a group of stray cats. 2-4ish, of mixed gender. It was a sort of flux of them, as cats would disappear and new ones would show up. She started to feed them, which would cause them to breed more. My mom would try to catch the kittens and we would raise them until they were old enough to be given to a no-kill shelter. We must've caught like 50 cats.

She also tried to catch some of the parents to get them fixed, but to no avail.

What's your take on all this?
Should she have left them alone, perhaps to starve?
Should she have fed them, the excess of kittens be damned to possibly living in a shelter?
If fixing the adult cats the right thing to do?

None of those seems really satisfactory to me.

Seems like the wild cats in the area around you are fine, as they can hunt a lot easier, but...
19th-Dec-2006 22:37 (UTC)
Oslo is the least dense city other than the downtown area that I've ever been in.
Even parts of Angola are more dense.
20th-Dec-2006 21:39 (UTC)
Oslo urbanized?
A local council (Bydelsutvalg - boroughs council?) in Oslo voted "No Thanks!" to a tram line through the borough, as that would make the borough in question too urbanized. Try picturing a "town" where the wild forests are deep enough you could wander for a week without meeting a person.

In Oslo I'd suggest feeding stray cats some tidbits from time to time, and keeping an eye out for signs of starvation during the winter, but there ought to be enough rats to keep all stray cats well fed.

In southern Florida, on the other hand, stray cats are a different problem. You do not want to feed the alligators, they'll just come back for more. And when there are no more well fed and tasty stray cats around they'll go for peoples pets - or kids.
So I'd suggest calling the animal shelter, and ask them to send professionals to catch the cats, and put them in the no-kill shelter.

But I don't live in Florida, I've never even been there (something I'll be doing something to correct next summer) so there might be some knowledge I haven't got about cats and alligators dietary habits.
19th-Dec-2006 22:38 (UTC)
I thought you didn't want to hear any details about Oblivion...
Practically everything that I would say would be a spoiler to some sidequest or another. Extremely minor, but still.
20th-Dec-2006 21:42 (UTC)
>What would you like me to post about?

I'd like information about Florida, preferably what to do with and where to bring three kids (10, 12, and 16 at the time of travel) when visiting Florida for two weeks in july/august.
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