Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

More stress, but the not-so-bad kind this time.


Packing to stay with my mom for a while.
Odessa returned at nine. She started meowing when I took down the suitcase, and crying when she realized I wasn't going to let her out again. She calmed down when I encouraged her to go lurk under the bed; I haven't heard a word from her since. Had to check that she was still there and not mysteriously vanished. She's there. Maybe she feels safe because I'm going to have a lot of trouble getting her out again if she doesn't cooperate?

Still need to get one more gift. Shouldn't be a problem. I'll have to do laundry at mom's house. Still not a problem.

Port forwarding seems to be rather erratic on my new router. I can't VNC in from outside of my local network, though I forwarded the port. uTorrent worked without forwarding ports (uPnP actually works?!), DCC sends in mIRC worked after I forwarded the ports.. I don't get it.

Since I have the laptop, I suppose I can survive without being able to "call home".. but that doesn't make me all that much less upset about it.

Found some Anton Berg chocolates in my closet. Just expired earlier this month, so we have to eat it now, right? ^_^

Will post again from mom's house, she has DSL and I will not forget to bring a spare patch cable. I also will not forget the mouse (hate laptop touchpads) or the cable that lets me view stuff on the TV. Have already remembered to copy the latest House and Smallville episodes to the laptop harddrive for my little brother's benefit - I already watched those.
Tags: chocolate, computer geekery, giftmas, odessa, vacation

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