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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
Did I mention I don't like cars? 
5th-Jan-2007 17:23
TenTen - Invisible

I was in the mood to be alone and walk a bit, so despite the icy ground, I skipped waiting for the subway and walked the last leg of the commute back home. That could have gotten me killed as some MORON in a big car was driving a bit fast (but still within the speed limit I think) while talking on his handheld cellphone. I reacted first, jerking back, him a split second later, the car stopping a mere few centimeters away from me. This happened as I was crossing a street with a crosswalk. I had a green light, but I know that doesn't mean I'm safe from turning vehicles.

I know I'm going to die because a car. I don't know if I'll be the passenger or a pedestrian. I most likely won't be the driver. I don't know if it's going to be accidental or on purpose. People can be pretty aggressive. But whether it's from hostility or stupidity, it'll still suck to be me. Or maybe not.. death might be a release from misery. But it'll still suck for the people who care about me.

If I don't meet the car of my doom earlier, I'm going to have breast cancer at 40-something. I'll argue up a shitstorm with the doctors and adamantly stick to my position of wanting the entire breast removed, not just the cancerous growth. And I don't want a new fake breast, but if you are so insistent on me being symmetric, I'd love for you to cut off the other lump of fat tissue as well. I'm not using them.

Since I drink so much tea, it's unlikely I'll have any other cancers. I don't really have much in the way of inherited conditions. I have psoriasis, but not a serious case.. it's a minor annoyance on my scalp because it itches sometimes, and it looks like I have dandruff, but otherwise it's not any bother. It flares up when I'm depressed, though.

Of allergies I have few. One drug allergy, one known pollen allergy and one unknown [have had allergic reactions somewhere there were no birch trees at all], and I'm mildly allergic to hazelnuts. I can eat a couple with no real problems, but much more will make my mouth itch in a way that is both painful and annoying.
Might have cold allergy too, but probably too mild to qualify.

If I walked to and from work every day, I'd try to do so during rush hour. So much harder for the cars to inflict serious injury on me when they are moving slowly.
5th-Jan-2007 16:29 (UTC)
On the plus side, it typically won't kill you if they've been slowing down like what they should be on a crosswalk.

On another note.. breast cancer doesn't run in your family, does it? I severely doubt you'd end up with breast cancer, as the likelihood of it is quite low.
5th-Jan-2007 16:44 (UTC)
I know.. I might not get it. But it's my only chance to ditch my udders, unless I can get super rich and pay a fortune to a shady plastic surgeon.

Lots of people get breast cancer without having it running in the family.
5th-Jan-2007 16:46 (UTC)
oh, wait, forgot. Sex change operation. Do they remove the breasts before or after making the clitoris grow into a mini-penis? Oh, and I really don't want more facial hair growth.
(Deleted comment)
5th-Jan-2007 19:09 (UTC) - Re: Your lifeclock.
Nope, not funny. And that lifeclock doesn't take into account risky activities, such as being a pedestrian. And it doesn't give you a nifty countdown thingy.
5th-Jan-2007 21:15 (UTC) - Re: Your lifeclock.
OK, so my bad humor don't work. What about statistics?
The probability of you being killed in a traffic accident as a pedestrian is one in a hundred thousand, according to:
And you mostly walking in Oslo reduces the probability of being killed. And increases the probability of being injured.

There is a six times greater probability that you'll die from poisoning, so please check that it's really water in that water heater at work before you pour your tea, not some water heater cleaning stuff.
6th-Jan-2007 09:15 (UTC) - Re: Your lifeclock.
And on revisiting that lifeclock, they actually do take into consideration you being a pedestrian. According to the clock you'll probably live another two years because of that.
5th-Jan-2007 19:14 (UTC)
Oh, come on. Back problems aside, breasts are wonderful.
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