Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Today was not bad.


Ah, beloved Mental Health Day. Time I can spend accomplishing stuff! I got indigoskynet's package shipped off today, it's estimated to take "5 to 10 days" so let's say two weeks.

Got back, changed clothes as I was somehow sweaty after that short and not at all strenuous walk. Played MM6 for a while. Left early for my group therapy session. Didn't participate much. It's hard to pick something up again after a long break, especially since I only had two sessions before the holidays. Next week will be better.

Went grocery shopping after the session, and most of the time after getting back home was spent playing MM6. I spend way too much time playing that game.

And before I knew it, it was late and I should go to bed. So I played for another hour. -_-

At least I got something crossed off my to-do list today. I feel pretty good about that, especially the part where I didn't agonize over what to write for three days, or spending an hour figuring out which font to use. This is unusual for me, and I think it is an indication that I don't worry about being judged, for once.

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