Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

*sigh* my family..


We're not terribly good at communication. Mom just called me to make sure Sigrid had informed me about the upcoming birthday party (there are three of us with January birthdays), which, last I had heard, was going to be on the 20th. That date, however, has become inconvenient to my sister, and now they were planning on having it this Saturday, on my birthday. No. You can't make that sort of plan on that short a notice. I think it's bad enough that I have to share a party with two other people, but having to share my actual birthday with two other people whose birthdays aren't on that day.. no. I'm all geared to relaxing this weekend.

Then she starts preaching about this awesome new health thing called NitroFX which she is going to start on. She said Sigrid took some and her rather bad cold went away in two days.. That doesn't convince me one iota, as colds are known to go away on their own. Then she gave me a too good to be true story of the husband of some woman in church whose life got much, much better as a result (chronic pain after an accident, now finally long periods of being pain free), which also sounds quite fishy to me.. that friend of a friend thing. She tells me something about a Nobel Prize and stuff. So I google keywords, and find that there was a Nobel Prize for some discovery about nitrous oxide, but I can't find anything to connect it to the drug - which, I see, is toted as a herbal viagra and cureall. Yeah, I have great faith in this.. -_-

It is, of course, not cheap. Mom thinks it can help me. I'm more inclined to ask my doctor before even trying the stuff.. Any of you guys heard of it? Smells like a week-old smoked salmon to me, but there are probably people who'd consider that a delicacy.. after all, some people like lutefisk.

That's awesome. Semagic's dictionary has lutefisk in it. How can you know lutefisk and not teleport?
Tags: birthdays, family, fish

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