Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Today isn't going to be a bad day. It might even be a good day, but I can't tell for certain yet.

Annoyed last night because Harriet-san had two friends over and they were talking loudly in the living room. I even asked them to lower their volume some, but they didn't seem to do that. They woke me up at 1:30 due to their inconsideration. Kind of amazed I was asleep by then, as I went to bed at 23:00.
Awoken by their noise again at 6:30. I had set my alarm to 7, so I decided I might as well get up. Having that extra time in the morning (I've been getting up at 8 on workdays recently) made a lot of difference. I did my morning stuff without any stress. And somehow I managed to leave just at the right time; I only had to wait two or three minutes for the subway.

Much of the ground was covered in a thick layer of ice. Getting from the house to the street was perilous business. My boots of awesomeness aren't as shiny as they used to be; the soles are worn to the point where I get a poor grip on icy roads. Can't afford to buy new ones.. These cost 2000 kroner. I could get a good pair of boots for half that, but not an awesome pair of boots. And the really cool ones only come in men's sizes. What the hell is up with that? Women and men with small feet need a good grip too, foul boot-manufacturers!

I got to work without any incident. No drivers trying to run me over with their cars. I even saw a few people smile. Usually I only see things like their insecurities, fear and hostility written on their faces, but today was different.
I hugged my guardian tree on the way in. She was free of snow; smelled of moss and soil. Soft like a kitten. Then I realized I had forgotten to pack a lunch. Oh well.

Once again, my chair was not occupied. I suspect my boss have told people not to steal my chair, he's nice like that.

My tea is bitter today. I forgot it and let it overinfuse. Or maybe the water was too hot?

I look though the windows of the homes on the way to work. Mainly I'm just hoping to see some kitties. I wonder about the people who live there, and imagine what it'd be like to have an apartment at street level on a moderately busy street. I'd have a wide windowsill, sit there in the window with the curtain behind me, look elegant and sip tea. Or read. Smile at random passersby.

I'm wearing the Betrayer Pants today. The ones with the zipper that pops open if a butterfly in Peru bats its wings in a certain way. And there would seem to be a lot of butterflies in Peru.
Anyone know how to make a zipper less inclined to pop open at the slightest disturbance?
Tags: pants, work

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