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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
Maybe I was wrong. 
15th-Jan-2007 13:19
Shino - "I put a female bug on you"

Had to wait a while to go to the toilet - heard the occupant's cellphone ring in there. Some time later, a guy exits talking on his handsfree. I enter and EWWW, it stinks and there's a smal turd floating in the toilet bowl, as well as skidmarks on the porcelain. I really wanted to embarrass him publicly, but I'm too shy for that sort of thing. THE TOILET BRUSH IS THERE FOR A REASON, ASSHOLE! I want gender segregated bathrooms.
Poor value for my money on the lunch.
The Betrayer Pants are too tight, and I didn't notice earlier.
My tea is still bitter.
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