Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

No progress. I suck.


Haven't done anything particularly useful today. Forgot to do laundry; too late now. Have begun using the semi-colon frequently.

Forgot my dinner in the oven. Miraculously, it was just overcooked with singed edges; it was kind of edible, but I lost my appetite halfway through. Bland and boring, just like the rest of today. Ending the day feeling somewhat down.
Watched R.o.D The TV episodes 1 to 6. Not too enthusiastic about it so far, but I'm confident it gets better. I'm not bored or anything, it's progressing at a good pace, introducing the characters and their relationships to each other.

I wish I could get my passion for reading back. If I had a sofa I'd look behind the cushions for it.
No worries about me; this kind of depression is something I've dealt with hundreds of times. Or survived hundreds of times, anyway. It's just a feeling of apathy and shame about not doing anything.

She dreams of the stars, but can't be bothered to lift her head to gaze up at them.

Really, when was the last time I went outdoors for another reason than that I had to?
Tags: depression, everyday boring entry

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