Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

"Kitty, don't eat that, it's bee vomit"


Now that it has finally snowed quite a lot, I expect Odessa will want to start using the litterbox again. Need to buy more litter pearls.

Found a jar of honey on its side with the lid not screwed on tight enough. Odessa was helpful in licking up part of the spill. I was searching for references to cats and honey, but couldn't find anything. The wikipedia entry suggested cats do not taste sweetness, so why was she eating it? Nutrients she needs?

Yesterday's Quest for Bubblewrap went well. I walked all the way to CC Vest, scoring over 10000 steps, the recommended daily amount, on my pedometer, for the first time since getting it for giftmas. Near-blizzard weather at times; I took the bus back home.

Anyhow, the really cool thing about the trip was meeting some old guy who for no real reason started to talk to me. So we talked about the weather for a bit, while walking the same way, and when we came to the place our paths diverged, I offered him a cup of tea [I carry a few paper cups with me in case I find someone to share my tea with]. So we stood there on the street corner, drinking tea and talking. I guess he had a touch of Alzheimer's, he asked the same questions several times, just like my grandfather does now. The recurrent question was if I was religious the first time, and later just if I believed in God (at least four times). He did, but we didn't get any less friendly because of it. He didn't seem very surprised that an atheist could be a nice person. And he said I was possibly the nicest person he had ever met, several times. Had nobody ever given him a cup of tea and a pleasant conversation before? I think he must have been very lonely, and glad to find someone to connect with. Which is pretty much how I felt too, though I don't mind the loneliness as much.

That was my high point of the day. I proceeded through Cat Alley, my nickname for a short street with at least four cats. I didn't see any of them that time, though. Onward to my goal, the office supply store Binders, where I got my bubblewrap, and a few other items that were too shiny to resist (green printer paper, small ziplock bags, box cutters and green paper sleeves). Noted that they had paper cups too - last time I looked for paper cups I visited at least five stores before finding any; most just had plastic. I love office supply stores.

Finished the Red Scarf, now I just need to write a note and ship. January is coming to an end soon, but it doesn't take more than a few days to send something to the US, it should be okay.. I hope.
Tags: odessa, red scarf 2007, social interaction

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