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Phew. Got the professional-quality photo prints, and should not have to do anything more now before I show up at the opening. Galleri Vanntårnet, Nesodden, at 12 on Saturday.

Forced myself through the rest of the book, forgoing proper digestion of the material, and returned it to the library. The audio book selection was really poor, so I picked out a traditional book instead.. Having found the taste for Discworld thanks to the TV version of Hogfather, I checked out Going Postal.

I hope my future apartment has a bathtub. My skin always turns dry and itchy after showering in the winter. But first things first: I hope I get an apartment.

Next items on my to-do list to tackle: Writing a letter to my grandmother (as I promised I would do 'soon' last summer) and backing up my photos already!! These things have been postponed ridiculously long because they have not been swords hanging over my head.
Tags: everyday boring entry, progress

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