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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
If you don't hear from me for a week.. 
24th-Jan-2007 22:03

I'm having way too much fun playing Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri (including the expansion). Surprisingly, I'm not the underdog this time. Traditionally I have sucked at turn-based strategy, but for this game I've actually been in the lead until recently. Now I'm #2. I think I might actually win the game. Okay, so I'm playing at the lowest difficulty, and as the Gaians, but still.. This is great.
24th-Jan-2007 22:39 (UTC)
See why it is my favorite game yet? :P

And are you ready for me to join you (cooperative) yet or do you want to play by yourself more?
25th-Jan-2007 12:52 (UTC)
Yes, I see it. I want to play by myself a little longer, but having you for an ally would be wonderful. My dear Pact Sister just started attacking other "friends" of mine and I had to tell them to stop it. Now everyone is at peace, except against that religious twit.
26th-Jan-2007 10:02 (UTC)
Oi! I love playing as the religious twit. On lower levels, at least, where I can get away with the major technology handicap. I was never a good AC player, somehow I'm more sloppy with my terraforming, build order and unit choices than I am in Civilization. Odd, because the games are so similar in concept. For some reason I feel like I have more grasp of what's happening in Civ.
26th-Jan-2007 11:48 (UTC)
For a first-time player, I seem to be doing awesomely. It helps a little bit to have read the books, but I think I would have picked up things more or less instictively even without them. I guess I'm just more at home on Chiron than on Earth.
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