Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Yesterday in review:


Exercise: Abysmal
Food: Unhealthy
Housework: Very good
Reading: Abysmal
TV: none
Gaming: Far too much SMAC:SMAC
Mood: Good

I couldn't sleep because I was thinking of SMAC:SMAC, so I went back to playing and won the game. This morning, I started a new game, as the Spartans, second easiest difficulty, randomly generated map with much ocean. I'm doing so-so. University and the Peacekeepers are both very strong, followed by the Believers, with me at a nice fourth, significantly above the rabble. The Gaians were eliminated early on, before I even met them. :(
I win most of the battles I fight, and seem to be the only one with air power so far. I also love my Isles of the Deep and Mindworms.
Tags: smac:smac

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