Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Another day to survive.


Half surprised I even went to work - I'd have so much more fun if I had stayed at home and played SMAC:SMAC. Maybe it's just out of fear of the question of "Why weren't you here on Monday?" - but I'm never asked such uncomfortable questions here. It's nice here - it's the cold and commute that sucks.

Stayed indoors all day yesterday. Predictably, I played a lot of SMAC:SMAC, also watched some TV and read a little bit. A good amount of tea and cuddling with the cat. Great conversation about sex in #asr, again. You guys rock.

I'm almost afraid to check my bank account now. Pretty sure it's in the red.. new supply of money the day after tomorrow. I still have a considerable stash in my savings account, which I have not touched at all. I've been buying a lot of stuff I could use, but don't really desperately need, so I'm prepared to enter a period of not doing that for a while. I have around a hundred blank DVDs.

Planned Online Retail Therapy for February: get_medieval books one and two and the Sir Gerard on the Moon mousepad because it's shiny, I could use a new mousepad, and I want to support the artist. But I'll wait until February (the first, probably) to buy the stuff. Have to pace myself and not greedily grab everything I want. Besides, it's print-on-demand, it's not like it's going to go out of stock.
Tags: #asr, shiny things

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