Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Shopping trip of DOOM! and a half.


I overspent a bit.. but it was fun.

Will need more discipline to stay away from the chocolate. Had some candy, but didn't pig out, and I even made a real meal. Ramen of whole wheat noodle, beef and broccoli. A cube of vegetable bouillon, some freshly ground black pepper and a pinch of Don't Underestimate the Chilli Powder. First time I've used it successfully.

I got a bottle of Absolut Vodka (350ml) which I'm planning to infuse after I figure out how to, and a variety pack of the flavored ones. I did some searching, but I can't figure out.. at what temperature are you supposed to drink it? And while I found several references to drinking it "neat" (learned some alcohol lingo, yay!), it is perfectly acceptable to put ice in it, right?

The Hidden Cache of Chocolate has been re-stocked, and I still have some things that didn't fit in the box. Not that surprised; I spent about twice as much on chocolate as I did on alcohol. And even more on food. I think I might give away some of the chicken and/or beef to mom.. It's never anything fancier than ground beef or meat by-product like sausages and such at dinnertime.. Never actual chunks of the flesh of a fellow mammal.

Now I need to get some fresh vegetables and make that shiny vegetable soup with beef I came up with after the last shopping trip of DOOM! to Sweden..
Tags: alcohol, shopping trip of doom!

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