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irregular status report


As a side effect of winter/depression, I don't get out much, so now my pain caused by lack of exercising is back.

Too much SMAC:SMAC, too much chocolate, no exercise.. These past few days have been fun, but ultimately useless. No progress, and a regression as far as my health is concerned.

Have been able to watch a few episodes of anime during breaks in gaming. Had ramen (yellow.noodle, chicken, broccoli - yes, weird combo, but chicken was the only non-frozen meat I had, and broccoli the only vegetable) for dinner again. Tomorrow I am taking my mom to the gallery so she can see the exhibit - Saturday and Sunday are the last two days, and she has church on Sundays.

Oh yeah.. Oslo area people: Rådhusgalleriet has an exhibit of art inspired by Finnmark. My boss recommended I check it out, so I went after group therapy on Wednesday. It was nice, and it's free. Worth checking out if you are in town.

I miss Brosvika. It's been a while since I went there outside of summer vacation. I'm toying with the idea of going for winter vacation, but it's not cheap to travel, and I'd have to go without Odessa since the buses don't take pets anymore.
Tags: art, brosvika, smac:smac

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