Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

More weird dreams. Fragments of, anyway.


Tonight's weird dreams included making a winter diorama out of the spare litterbox, wandering a mall for clothes, rarely finding anything I like - they had a section with underwear with images from science fiction shows, and they had one pair of undies with a picture of Christopher Eccleston, but it wasn't in my size. I know where that came from at least; shortly before bed last night I thought to myself that I really wanted to check out Heroes, after I clear a couple of series from my backlog.

There was also a yarn store (not in the mall) with a shopcat. We (I don't remember who was with me) took refuge there when some people were trying to kill us. The owner was cool and gave me some free yarn and taught me some more knitting tricks, which of course I don't remember now.
Tags: weird dreams

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