Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Yesterday was not bad at all. Therapy was interesting. It should have been obvious, but it took hearing about someone considering their job to be important to realize why I skip out of work all the time - it is essentially meaningless for me to go. Especially now that my boss is on vacation.

Discipline and motivation is very scarce in my life. I've been trying to think up a reward system, but even if I go with that, I'm still the one who has to pay for the prize. It's not fair to ask someone else to give me a reward for doing what I should do anyway.

On the money front..

I should have earned my freecard by now, but they hadn't registered the payments for the first two sessions in January (because they only just billed me for those), so I'll probably need to pay the next time and get that refunded. Not a big difference. Not paying 265 kroner a week for the rest of the year will help my economy too.

I was late in sending in the report card, so I haven't received this fortnight's payment yet - but I got the e-mail notification and the date is today, so I'll probably have that tomorrow.

NRK license fee is due in a couple of weeks - that's a huge chunk of money, but I had saved up for most of it, so it didn't hit me that hard.
So I'm about 1000 kroner below again, not counting the ~4000 I have in my savings account, earmarked for getting niichan here this summer. I'm still buying my Online Retail Therapy of the Month, so I might be in the red again the day before the next payday, but it won't be as much.
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