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I hereby declare my room a disaster zone.


Will accept humanitarian aid gracefully. Please send help. There is no way I can possibly deal with all this.

I feel so useless. I can't do simple things others can.

I forgot to give the art gallery people my account number so I could get the payment for the one photo that was sold. So I got a phone number to call and give it later, but did I call? Of course not.
I just checked my cellphone and had an unanswered call from a couple of hours ago, from them. Argh!

I picked up all my used clothes off the floor, and wow, I have more than a full load of laundry to do. And I can see parts of my floor again, but in a couple of days it'll be back where it was before.

Woke up in the middle of the night from a bad nightmare. Couldn't go back to sleep, played SMAC:SMAC until early morning, when I went back to sleep. Sleep, SMAC:SMAC, more lying around, eating chocolate-coated fudge, playing SMAC:SMAC some more, and finally showering around 2 PM. Breakfast, tea, more SMAC:SMAC until Kaos-kun poked me. We then watched two episodes of Firefly together, and after he left I played SMAC:SMAC some more, until I got disgusted with the global warming increasing the sea levels to the point where I no longer recognized the shapes of the land, and just built the transcend stuff to end the game.

I probably won't go to work tomorrow either. I might not even leave the house, but I need to get some fresh foodstuff, so there's a chance at least. I was planning to do that today, but before I knew it, it was dark outside. I'm just so.. disgusted with myself for not making more of an effort to not spiral downwards like this.

I'll feel better tomorrow when I have money again.
Tags: smac:smac, woe

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