Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

What do you call one step above Abysmal?


Slept badly and got up very late. Breakfast around 3 PM.

Procrastinated away my chance to do laundry today. Also did not go on a walk as planned. Spent too much time playing SMAC:SMAC, again.

I got paid today, which is probably why I don't feel all that bad about myself. Placed an order for the Get Medieval stuff I wanted. Then I did my finances, and found out I'm going to be okay. Added another 600 kroner to the savings account. If I am careful with my spending, I should be around zero on my spending account the day before next payday. Then maybe I can buy some decent thermal underwear so the cold won't be an excuse for staying indoors anymore.

Volume 2 of Welcome to the NHK (manga) is out.. I should get myself that as a reward for some moderate accomplishment. Suggestions as to which task I should perform accepted. Ideas I have are cleaning a part of my room, taking long walks three days in a row, not skipping work or being late for a whole week..

And in the woe department, The GiMP won't run. I think I've had a similar issue on another computer, but on that one it would at least run occasionally.
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