Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


My memory card is unreadable both in the built-in reader in Chiron and the external reader I have hooked up to Matsuri. The card is readable in the camera, however. I have a cable for connecting the camera to USB, but it didn't seem to do anything - need to find the software that came with it. After I get the moose photos off the card, I can format it and hopefully everything will be peachy again. Don't expect good photos, though. The creatures were pretty shy, and the light was not ideal.

I would also like to thank aetherspoon in public, for playing SMAC:SMAC with me for a while tonight. I really needed that after all the computer issues I had to suffer through. Anyone else want to play a PBEM game with me/us?
Tags: smac:smac, woe

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