Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

another irregular update.


Yesterday was good, bordering on great. I got stuff done. Therapy was interesting. I walked just over 15000 steps, half again the recommended daily minimum. My Get Medieval books and mousepad arrived (delayed by customs inspection). Food was good, tea was good. The only thing not so good about yesterday was the weather in the morning, and having to constantly dodge splashes of dirty water from mindless drivers who don't slow down as they pass pedestrians.

Slept badly. Tired. Would have stayed in bed if not for my boss's promise that he'd have nudged my case worker by today, so I can expect an update on the process of getting an apartment.
So far the only bright spot of the day is that my tea turned out rather good. I remembered to put a few more mp3s on my portable, but I forgot to put anything to watch on my USB key, again.
As I got to the subway station, I see a flock of kids with skis, and am thankful that I am going in the opposite direction as I try to shut out the cacophony of two dozen conversations. Then another horde of schoolkids invade my platform. I withdraw to the opposite end, and thankfully end up in a different car from them.

The bus was worse. It was like being in a henhouse. I didn't even get a seat for the first half of the trip. The last two stops were blissfully quiet.

The flurries of snow cheered me up, mostly from thinking of how other people would be annoyed by them. Some litter on the ground indicated that my favorite seasonal treat, Freia Easter eggs, are back in stores. Shiny.

I got to work, and my chair was occupied. I managed to get it back, but I got some opposition, and it was very stressful to me. I don't care if they think I'm weird as long as I get my chair, though.

So I'm generally uncomfortable at work today, but no one is bothering me, I'll be okay. Just another three and a half hours to go.
Tags: woe, work

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