Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Wow, health day. [yesterday's post that I forgot to finish typing up and post last night]


I got up really early for a day I didn't have to - about 7:20 I think. For breakfast I fried up some salmon and vegetables. Forgot about the tea and let it oversteep AGAIN, and it's jasmine tea which gets bitter very easily - but it turned out drinkable. I was right to use less tea leaves than I have been using the past several times. I'm kind of in a hurry to finish it off, since it's getting old.

Despite moderate snow, I walked all the way to NAV and got my freecard, three hours before my group therapy appointment. Having time to spare, I walked over to a nearby mall and wandered around a bit. Bought a chocolate-filled croissant, two sesame seed bagels and an expensive but very delicious fresh pressed fruit juice. Tired of walking, I took the subway into town [after walking around some more trying to locate it - hadn't used that station before], where I stopped by Le Palais des Thés and spent about twice as much as I had planned to.

I still had some time before the therapy session, but decided to head there anyway, and waited for the subway.. While waiting, I knitted, and I missed my train once while absorbed in a more complex part. Way to go, me.

Therapy was great. I was more active than usual, and learned interesting things.
I ended the day with 15 552 steps, of which an amazing 10787 (102 minutes) were aerobic. (30 minutes is the recommended daily minimum)

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