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All the small things.


The bad:

Harriet-san ordered one of our trees murdered. He really put up a fight; there's sawdust all over the place, but there's not much a tree can do against a man with a chainsaw other than delaying the inevitable. Maybe fall on him, but that only works if he's not paying attention, or the wind is capricious.

I went to buy some yarn today, but discovered the local store was closed for renovation. I didn't get to the other store I aimed for before it closed. Why do yarn stores close at 3 PM on Saturdays?

There's a new Tea- & Coffeehouse opened today, and I happened to be in the area at the time - but it was crowded and the music was so loud it hurt, and looking at their menu, the only unsweetened tea they had was a plain black, I couldn't even bring myself to stand in line and ask for my free sample. I decided I didn't like the place at all.

The good:

Good tea: Green Tea with Vanilla. Almost out of it, but it's not expensive and I can get more if I want to.

Once again I made the goal of over 10k steps.

Mom called me and we had a nice conversation.

Although I forgot my dinner in the oven, it didn't burn - in fact it turned out quite good. Crisp, but without any hints of charcoal flavor.

Freia Påskeegg. ^__^

I saved a guy from walking away from his wallet on the tram the other day. He thanked me and I felt warm and fuzzy inside, even though he wasn't cute at all, and his pants were riding so low I could see half his underwear.

Apart from Freia Påskeegg, I have indulged in healthier snacks recently, such as honeydew melon, and green olives stuffed with feta cheese.
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