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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
All the small things. 
3rd-Mar-2007 23:48
Shizune - お茶大好き

The bad:

Harriet-san ordered one of our trees murdered. He really put up a fight; there's sawdust all over the place, but there's not much a tree can do against a man with a chainsaw other than delaying the inevitable. Maybe fall on him, but that only works if he's not paying attention, or the wind is capricious.

I went to buy some yarn today, but discovered the local store was closed for renovation. I didn't get to the other store I aimed for before it closed. Why do yarn stores close at 3 PM on Saturdays?

There's a new Tea- & Coffeehouse opened today, and I happened to be in the area at the time - but it was crowded and the music was so loud it hurt, and looking at their menu, the only unsweetened tea they had was a plain black, I couldn't even bring myself to stand in line and ask for my free sample. I decided I didn't like the place at all.

The good:

Good tea: Green Tea with Vanilla. Almost out of it, but it's not expensive and I can get more if I want to.

Once again I made the goal of over 10k steps.

Mom called me and we had a nice conversation.

Although I forgot my dinner in the oven, it didn't burn - in fact it turned out quite good. Crisp, but without any hints of charcoal flavor.

Freia Påskeegg. ^__^

I saved a guy from walking away from his wallet on the tram the other day. He thanked me and I felt warm and fuzzy inside, even though he wasn't cute at all, and his pants were riding so low I could see half his underwear.

Apart from Freia Påskeegg, I have indulged in healthier snacks recently, such as honeydew melon, and green olives stuffed with feta cheese.
4th-Mar-2007 02:51 (UTC)
Once again I made the goal of over 10k steps.

Just how do you do this? When I go out to have a pleasant walk and get some exercise, I usually end up jump onto a bus and lazing off with my player, rather than actually *walk* >_>
4th-Mar-2007 03:16 (UTC)
Don't bring enough money with you to use a bus, walk in a random path until you need to look up. Get yourself lost.
That's just my suggestion though.
4th-Mar-2007 07:58 (UTC) - How do you do it?
Make ending up jumping on a bus your exercise target, not a surrender.
Then set a target you're comfortable with - walking one more bus stop is a good target. And then go for another bus stop, whenever you need a new and better target.
I ought to do that myself, at least when the sidewalks become free of the ice.
5th-Mar-2007 10:27 (UTC)
I find that having a goal helps - I'm much more motivated to go somewhere if it's to buy something.
That my local grocery store sucks compared to some more distant ones helps too. I often walk there and take the bus or subway back, especially if I've been buying heavy goods.

Yesterday, it was sheer determination.

Sometimes I'll walk rather than use public transportation because I can't stand to be around people.
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