Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Sometimes I amaze myself.


Unsurprisingly, dusk started creeping up on me last night, without me ever having left the house. I wasn't about to discard four days of progress to start over from the beginning, so I went out to take a walk.
I had planned to take the subway to Holmenkollen and walk back home from there. I ended up taking the subway to Holmenkollen, walking to Frognerseteren and back home from there. -_-

The other direction was just.. shinier. And I seem to have this pathological aversion to turning around and backtracking, so I just kept going. So I spent over two hours just walking, with no significant pauses to rest. The first hour I was miserable and just wanted to find a subway station to go back home, and perhaps go out again later that night to try to finish the goal. Then the next half an hour or so, I wasn't very tired, and felt good. Then I got tired again.

Steps takenAerobic stepsAerobic minuteskilocalories burnedDistance (kilometers)
Monday 26. Feb0575602375211893,79
Tuesday 27. Feb0761901283122405,02
Wednesday 28. Feb155521078710248010,26
Thursday 1. Mar1116306395583637,36
Friday 2. Mar1133804320433697,48
Saturday 3. Mar1365107215654279
Sunday 4. Mar14349123341114349,47

Now I have a myriad of aches and pains, and I'm tired as I didn't get enough sleep tonight. In addition to getting to bed a bit late, Harriet-san watched TV (loud) for a long while, while I was too ded to go downstairs and complain about it. And I didn't know what to say, really.

Today's annoyance is voices. Multiple conversations in the background. I wish I could induce temporary deafness in myself.
Tags: weekly stats

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