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I have a lot to write about, but I'm too tired for that now. Wednesday's therapy session had me in tears for the rest of the day, and the depression has stayed with me to some degree - I think my oversensitivity could be caused by the fact that I'm about to have my period. My nipples are sore, and I've felt a few stabs of pain from my uterus, who hates me for depriving her of her chance to fulfill her destiny; to bring forth The Destroyer.
I'd rather die in obscurity than to be remembered in history as "the mother of" anyone.

I skipped work on Thursday and Friday, mainly because I woke up ded and wasn't mobile until after noon. Still keeping with my exercise program, and regretting that I didn't switch the prizes for three weeks of meeting the exercise goal every day with that of emptying the clutterbox before the end of the month, because the latter is highly unlikely to happen.

In knitting progress, I am still intimidated by socks, but will try. In my retail therapy binge of Wednesday and Thursday, I bought some more yarn, including funny fur - dark green, of course. I also asked around about bamboo yarn, and they have it.. but it's not pure; 30% cotton. It'll do, I guess. I didn't buy any yet, because it's a bit pricey and I have no clear idea of what to use it for. Maybe a sweater or a shawl? I should learn how to crochet, but that scares me more than knitting socks does. It looks so complicated! So does knitting socks, but everyone who has done it claims it's so much easier than it seems.

I finally got to experience three-player SMAC:SMAC today, with aetherspoon and xenodias. I loved it, and so did they. I hope all of us can find some time to play together again soon.
Tags: knitting, mental health, progress, smac:smac, work

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