Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Yay, Harriet is leaving on the 19th and will be gone for about a MONTH! I can finally have some sanity around here.

Steps takenAerobic stepsAerobic minuteskilocalories burnedDistance (kilometers)
Monday 5. Mar1119204616403547,38
Tuesday 6. Mar1065503968353337,03
Wednesday 7. Mar1018506636623176,72
Thursday 8. Mar1045809472913206,90
Friday 9. Mar1184908880863667,82
Saturday 10. Mar1024308037733226,76
Sunday 11. Mar00735000000320,48

I was too depressed to do anything at all yesterday. I felt terrible until I did some knitting, which made me feel quite a bit better, then I got drunk, which made me feel good.

Woke up ded this morning, as I have since Thursday last week. I think I'll make an effort to go to work tomorrow so I won't have a whole week of absences.
Tags: alcohol, ded, depression, knitting, weekly stats, woe, work

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