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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
More stress. 
16th-Mar-2007 14:04
Self greenhair

My nice, understanding boss gave me the day off. Now I have three whole days to prepare for Snake's arrival. I could use another week, though.

Frustration: I don't understand this knitting pattern. The "short-row yarn over" part. Thankfully I found a video on youtube that showed how to do short-row decreases, but I can't figure out how to alter it from there. I guess I need to see it to pick it up; just reading the words doesn't always tell me the trick.

So I still can't knit socks. Can anyone point me toward a simpler sock pattern?
16th-Mar-2007 13:13 (UTC)
You really have nothing to worry about. No "preparing" is necessary. I'm quite laid-back. Heck, I'll sleep on the floor, I don't care. :P
16th-Mar-2007 13:22 (UTC)
General Surgeon Warning: do not have sex with this man, for it leads to brain cancer, insanity and bitchness.
16th-Mar-2007 14:33 (UTC)
Don't worry; I have a vibrator and plenty of batteries.
16th-Mar-2007 14:55 (UTC)
Ah, technology. Man's greatest ally and greatest enemy.
16th-Mar-2007 16:14 (UTC)
Think of a vibrator as a tool to let her fulfill her fantasies of having a threesome without you actually having to touch some other guy's balls, or something.

Also, I wonder if my minijab at Casey was anything as subtle as I thought it was when I posted it...
16th-Mar-2007 16:21 (UTC)

It's easy to think such things of Casey, but either way I still find myself caring about her. Many of my friends seem to like to take jabs at her, even though objectively speaking her own friends are probably saying the exact same things about me. So...not much is really accomplished in that regard.
16th-Mar-2007 20:02 (UTC)
Well, I'd need two vibrators for that..
17th-Mar-2007 11:18 (UTC)
I don't knit, but this looks like a better explanation:
(It it written in clear language, not some strange code, and explains the difficult part, how to add and reduce masks, where your pattern assumes that anyone at an intermediate level knitting knows how to add and reduce masks.)

The simple pattern is:
Knit a tube of desired length. When you've got the length you want, look the tube over for any irregularities. Pull the tread through all the masks, alternating between top and bottom masks, so you close the tube off.

This makes a sock that is useful for indoor use, but not really something you'll want to wear inside shoes or boots, as it has no heel, and the toe aren't pointy.

If you want to complicate things, you could add ribs around the calf part.
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