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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
7th-Apr-2007 21:55
oooo! shiny ! (bubbles)

Tomorrow I meet xenodias offline for the first time. I'm excited and a little bit nervous, and I can't quite imagine how he'd feel - terrified, perhaps.

I keep hearing how great Heroes is, both from LJ friends and also my little brother. If I had the free hard drive space, I'd go download it right away, but as it is, maybe next month.

I cleaned the kitchen floor today. It wasn't quite as much an effort as I remembered it, or maybe I wasn't as thorough as the last time. I still did a much, much better job than anyone else here would have done.

I wonder if I'll sleep tonight at all.. I'll have to, as I need a lot of time to prepare and get out to Torp. Stupid airport.. Maybe I can sleep on the bus.
8th-Apr-2007 09:42 (UTC)
Don't you dare share the chicken casserole. It belongs to me!
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