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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
Preparing to face the mundane again. 
15th-Apr-2007 10:26
Pirate Kriatyrr & Odessa

Up before six AM. Breakfast, tea, etc. Kaos-kun and I left shortly after seven. Got to the subway and found out that the trains don't start running until 8:24 on Sunday mornings (and the bus we need to catch is at 8:10 from the bus terminal). So I call a taxi, and we get there with plenty of time to spare. An extra 204 kroner isn't that bad of an expense if it's to catch a plane. So we enter the bus terminal, and the bus isn't listed at all - but there's one an hour later. It should still get him there on time, I think.. the original plan was to be there two hours before departure, and one should be enough to check in and go through security at a very small airport.

Now that I'm home, I see what the issue is.. here are the timetables - we used the PDF timetable, which lists that extra departure that doesn't exist. What fucking morons. Bastards. Liars.

I just finished knitting the headband a few minutes before Kaos-kun got on the bus. It was a bit too loose, but I'm hoping it will shrink when washed. :P

Really, if we had known that bus departure didn't exist, we could have waited for the subway and saved those 204 kroner. Or got up in the middle of the night to take the earlier bus.

Now I remember why I hate using Torp.

The past week has been awesome. It's been incredibly fun, and I'll miss Kaos-kun a lot. Now we both have to face the harsh reality of going back to work tomorrow.
I think I'll go back to sleep now, and maybe update later.
15th-Apr-2007 09:42 (UTC) - I made it with 35 minutes to spare
Right now just waiting for the plane to arrive soon and then I`ll be gone from this beautiful country. =/

And it is "Liers", by the way.

:hugs: (can`t find asterisk key)
15th-Apr-2007 11:26 (UTC) - Re: I made it with 35 minutes to spare
Good to hear you made it.

And yeah, I almost wrote liers, italicized to indicate the use of an internet meme, but I just can't bring myself to deliberately butcher the English language.
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