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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
Updates are few and far between. Apologies. 
29th-Apr-2007 22:21
Real men drink TEA

Family, Social life
Why is it that we can't just get together and have fun without having an excuse to? On Friday, I was lonely, so I called my dad and invited him over. The excuse I used was that I had finished downloading those episodes of The Twilight Zone that we remember from my childhood - he was really excited about it when I told him I had found a torrent for it. I called Aniki too, but he couldn't make it, so it was just my dad and I. We made a good dinner, and watched a couple of episodes. Drank vørterøl, a kind of non-alcoholic beer which I'm not sure has an english-language counterpart. I know it's not root beer, but maybe something close.

I had an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday, and got something for my ear infection. It's much better already; I really hope this will finish it off instead of leaving it to linger like last time. Then maybe I can fly again instead of having all my foreign friends come visit me.

Apartment hunt
I went to see an apartment on Friday. It was really nice, I liked it. It wasn't perfect, but I think I could have been happy there. I didn't get it, of course, but I went there and I'm proud of myself for not chickening out.

I've had a lot of absences lately.. Mostly because I am utterly exhausted every morning and only become capable of doing much of anything by the time I'd just have ten minutes there until I'd have to go home again. I don't stay up that late, and I don't wake up all that many times during the night, and I don't always lie awake for three hours before I can fall asleep either.. Maybe I have a critical deficiency of some vitamin or something. Maybe it's just a side effect of being depressed. I'm so glad therapy isn't before 2 PM, or I'd have a hard time even attending that.

Money, Zombies
I'm doing okay.. Still spending more than I should on retail therapy. They were out of the bamboo yarn they had on sale, so I got some really expensive tea and two more volumes of The Walking Dead instead. I'm still on a zombie kick. And when I look for apartments, I reflexively think of how safe it'd be in the event of a zombie outbreak. -_-

I started over with thicker needles for the bamboo shopping bag I'm trying to make. This is a lot more cost efficient, lighter, faster. Not as pretty, but I was aiming more for functional anyhow.
30th-Apr-2007 01:50 (UTC)
And when I look for apartments, I reflexively think of how safe it'd be in the event of a zombie outbreak.
But what about how safe it is in the event of a raptor attack?
30th-Apr-2007 07:23 (UTC)
Would you be a sweet and share the TZ torrent with Sashy? That's something I've wanted to see again for the longest time. Granted, it'll probably end up collecting dust on my hard disk next to five and a half unwatched seasons of Star Trek Voyager, but it'll be nice to have to fall back on.

Been house hunting myself lately. Somewhat tentatively as I'm not sure yet if I'll get my finances straight, but it looks like I might.
30th-Apr-2007 08:16 (UTC)
It's on a members only site.


Need an invite? Just give me your email address and I'll give you 10 gigacredits to start you out.

(If you sign up without an invite you'll start with zero credits and can't download anything until you've first uploaded some)
30th-Apr-2007 09:40 (UTC)
It's good to see that you're thinking about safety when you look for apartments. (What the apartment is safe against don't really matter, as long as it's safe...)

As for families, in my opinion John Cleese did explain them best in: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Families-Survive-Them-Cedar-Books/dp/0749314109
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