Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

No Pants Day


I have just been informed via my friends of friends page, that today is No Pants Day. This happens every first Friday of May. Happy No Pants day, ladies and gentlemen.

I've been very depressed this week, and today I found my bank account quite a bit in the red from all my retail therapy. Payday Wednesday next week. Until then, completely broke even after clearing out the savings account.

Economy isn't my major concern, though.. it's not being able to move. And with niichan visiting me next week.. I had really hoped to live elsewhere by then, but that seems very unlikely now.

My room is still a mess, I still drink about two litres of tea a day. We got a new washer recently and I like it a lot. I'm glad the old one died, it sucked.

Odessa has helped me cope a lot lately. She'll often sneak under my blanket while I'm in bed and lie down beside me for a while. My cat and the upcoming visit are the only things I have going for me right now. I see no way out of this quagmire I'm in. Maybe I'll still be here in a year. No one wants to rent out an apartment to someone who probably can't keep up with the rent, and can't afford the deposit.
I'll be looking into living with relatives and/or moving far away, to where housing is more affordable. I don't really need to live in Oslo, but it sure is nice and convenient here. I think I'd miss Le Palais des Thés the most.. then Outland and all the yarn stores I frequent. But you can order just about anything off the internet these days. Browsing an actual store is a luxury I can do without.

I still haven't received the books I ordered off last month.. I got the one that was sent separately two days ago, but both packages were shipped the same day. I bet the customs are stalling it again. I want my zombie books already!

Currently reading: Two Little Girls in Blue by Mary Higgins Clark. Not my usual genre, but I thought it looked interesting, and I found the hardcover for sale for just 50 kroner at a bookstore, so I went ahead and got it. Liking it so far.
Tags: books, depression, money woes, no pants, odessa, reading, woe

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