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I keep neglecting to update.. So here's what I've been up to:

Thursday, May 10th
Met aetherspoon at the airport. Went home, where we found the remains of a bird in my bed.

Ah, the joys of having an outdoors cat who can come and go at her leisure. At least she didn't put it under the bed this time, and I needed to change the sheets anyway.

We rested and played SMAC, then went to a tea-tasting event at Le Palais des Thés - the tasting of this season's brand new first flush darjeelings. Only I misread the time and we ended up being two hours early.

So we just walked around in the area and eventually found a nice park to rest at, after buying a little food and drink.

Then aetherspoon sensed fire.

I didn't even know the name of the park we were in. Thankfully someone else called the fire department and informed them, because by the time we had finished surveying the area for a water source, I overheard some people observing the scene say that "they said they'd come right away"

This made me feel a lot better because I feared that if left there it would eventually spread to the nearby tree.

Onwards to the planned event, after some more wandering around - including stopping to get our bearings, where I pulled out a map, located the street we were on, and found the direction we needed to go with my compass. Yes, I carry a compass around in my bag.

It was fun, but I wasn't terribly impressed by the teas - I've never cared much for Darjeeling and the other Indian teas. Still need to try the Darjeeling Oolong, though. Some of them were pretty good, and quite different from other teas, but none stood out like something I really needed to have in my selection.

Friday, May 11th

Walked some, visited The Great Tree of Life and Death.

Also went grocery shopping. Spoon was still recovering from the flight, so we didn't do much else. Probably played SMAC a lot.

Saturday, May 12th

Procrastinated too much in the morning, so we missed the event for Free Comic Books Day. Oh well. We still had fun.

Yes, that is a Canadian submarine. No, I didn't know they existed either. Apparently they have four. And one is in Oslo.

After the 12th, I didn't take any more photos, so I don't remember half the stuff we did.

Oh, and for the first three nights, I slept on the old bed on my veranda. It was kind of nice, but I wouldn't have made it without the hot water bottles. I decided to stop when I started feeling a cold coming on.. but it was kind of cool, being woken up by a bird landing on my chest, or a squirrel not two meters away from me. Spoon tried one night, and now he's sleeping on the couch.

Today we're planning on heading out into the woods and barbecuing.

Train tickets have been purchased. Everything is so expensive.. I have no idea how to afford staying in Bergen or taking the boat to Eivindvik, beyond the answer of "credit card" - and I get depressed when I'm in the red. Maybe I could get a donation or a loan from my dad.. but I hate asking my parents for money. (And they usually don't have much to spare anyway)
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