Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

So many things.


Yesterday was great. I don't think we actually went anywhere. I played a lot of Wild Arms. I also made dinner; a vegetable soup with tofu. I called and booked a motel room for us (last one they had left!). Cleaned my room to the point where there is a path through the clutter. Looked up bus schedules, called grandmother to inform her of our schedule. Got drunk. Decided to stop playing, lest I black out and not remember my progress in the morning. That would be bad on my first playthrough.

As for what happened next, it's a bit hazy. There was some sex. I remember taking a sleeping pill and going to bed, and reading Digger.. then there's a blank spot, and I know I threw up sometime in there. Spoon can offer more details, he was sober the entire time, as usual.

Going to Bergen by train today! Thankfully it's the afternoon train, and I don't have a hangover, just feel like I need more sleep.

Note to self: Clean toilet bowl and bathroom floor before going.
Tags: drunk

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