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This post contains detailed photos of creepy insects, as well as creepy descriptions. Now decide whether to look behind the cut or not.

The European (Common) Earwig. I've always been creeped out by them since childhood, where we'd often find them in mailboxes in Brosvika. Yet I have no recollection of ever being pinched by one, though it might have happened.. I just don't remember much from back then.

Anyway, here comes the creepy parts: The other night, while I couldn't sleep, I saw one of these crawling on the ceiling. I went to get a glass to drop it into and deposit it outside, for despite my dislike of these creatures, I don't feel like killing them. When I got back, it had vanished. Had it dropped onto my bed? I searched thoroughly, but couldn't find it. That helped keep me up for a while.. until I turned on my LED touchlight, and in its cool, bluish glow, I saw it in one of the cracks between the boards of the ceiling. With some careful prodding with a knitting needle, I managed to drop it into the glass and throw it out.

Then last night.. I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth.. I turned around and saw one fall to the ground, and judging by the trajectory, SHE HAD BEEN IN MY HAIR!!

Have any creepy photos or stories to share? :D

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