Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Vacation time!


Leaving tomorrow morning, returning on August the 1st.
And instead of finishing packing, I'm playing Wild ARMs. I'd like to finish the game before I leave, and I'm in the final dungeon.

Still sleeping horribly, and staying up way too late, by choice or not. Last night was interesting. darth_blade asked for my help in identifying a species of bug that has invaded his apartment. The description sounded just like the ones I had spotted earlier on my walk, and in my room a few days earlier. I went back to take photos, and they turned out to be the same kind.

You can see it on flickr here, here and here.

I still haven't managed to find its precise identity. Some have said June Bug, but it doesn't seem to be quite right. Some Chafer beetles have strong similarities too. It amused me greatly to find there's a beetle called Cockchafer. Again, doesn't seem to be quite our little uninvited guest here.

Finally, the next morning, I had found photos online of an identical bug. It's a Serica, but that's just the genus.. with over a hundred species in it. It'd be cool to have an encyclopedia of insects, with detailed photos of all of them. The one recommended by costs over a hundred bucks, and it's for American critters - Europe would have a somewhat different population, so I can't really justify that purchase.

Bugs aren't my main interest anyway - it's just that when I see some kind of creature I've never noticed before, I want to know more about it.

Oh! That reminds me. Last night, I saw a moth lay eggs! It had been smushed a bit, and lay there not moving much, and I noticed something pointy at its rear end, wriggling.. then I saw a tiny dot of white deposited, and realized that it was laying eggs. Awesome. I later picked up the eggs and deposited them somewhere they'd have a better chance at life than on my sheet, which would be run through the washer eventually. Well, since I'll be gone for two weeks now, maybe they'd have hatched before that anyway? How long do moth eggs take to hatch anyway?

I feel like the majority of human beings don't care to know. There is so much to know, and a human lifetime isn't long enough to learn it all.
Tags: creepy-crawlies

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