Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Working-class heroes.. do they exist?


Seems like the vast majority of fictional characters in the stories I enjoy have some kind of special power or ability, or if they don't, they deal with unusual stuff. They don't have regular employment. I've never had a role-model who was normal. I wanted to be a space pilot when I grew up.

Any suggestions for interesting stories that don't have that element? Heroes I can aspire to be like and not be doomed to fall short of?

completely unrelated: 1 U.S. dollar = 5.72941136 Norwegian kroner. Wow. I've never seen the dollar that weak.

I need to compile a list of stuff I frequently forget to bring on vacation. This year, I once again forgot to bring sunblock. I have three bottles at home, because I keep forgetting it and buying a new one.
I remembered my bath robe this time. It's nice to have something to cover my body with when walking to the shower in the morning.. especially considering the sizes of the towels here.
If I bring my *ahem* toys with me, I'll end up not feeling the need to use them, or not have the privacy to use them, but if I don't bring them, I'll find myself horny and without an easy way of relief. Brought only Mister Toy this time, and could have used a little extra. Oh well. Too bad I actually deleted all the porn off my laptop instead of just hiding it in a clever place.

Mom wasn't feeling that great, so we didn't go to Brekke as planned. Hopefully we'll go tomorrow morning. It's been raining a bit, so I've mostly stayed in and caught up on watching The 4400. It's getting scarier episode by episode now, and I think I like that.

Had another nightmare about the vile one a few nights ago, where he'd repeatedly steal stuff I kept in the fridge, and I called him out on it and called him things like a 'wretched scoundrel' or 'petty thief' and the like - never resorting to lies or profanity - and he got pissed off and attacked me, and I had to call for Sigmund (who was conveniently visiting me) to save me. I wish I didn't fear him.

Odessa seems happier now that she can visit me whenever she wants. I don't sleep any better, but at least I am lying awake more comfortably.
Tags: insomnia, odessa, vacation, weird dreams

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