Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

retail therapy and stuff.


Purchased myself a Flickr Pro account, as I have exceeded the 200 photo limit for free accounts. (It's really nice and just makes older photos unavailable until you upgrade instead of denying you upload privileges.) Yay, more than three sets. Haven't really noticed any other difference yet.

I also did some retail therapy at, ordered three books. I won't get them until a month or so after I return to Oslo.

After watching two episodes of The 4400 last night, I had a dream about promicin. It was an interesting dream, except I walked through it dizzy, tired and unable to see straight. That's happened in dreams a few times before. I wonder if the new, green promicin has a lower mortality rate than the stuff that was extracted from Isabel? The whole religious angle of Jordan's movement is scary, scary, scary! Bring God to the people? The God I know is a petty tyrant..
Tags: retail therapy, the 4400, weird dreams

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