Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Still on vacation.


Friday: So tired! First of all, I didn't get all that much sleep. Then mom wakes me and tells me we're leaving in an hour. The next thing I know, I'm about to hit the shower and mom tells me we're leaving in ten minutes. Yikes! I hate going anywhere unshowered, so I jumped in and scrubbed my body, omitting hair care. I figured it'd be okay, and I guess it was under the circumstances. I didn't have time to make tea either. We made it to the ferry with several minutes to spare, but not so much that I could have washed my hair or made tea.

At Førde, I visited the pharmacy to pick up my meds (which I'd otherwise be out of Sunday morning - forgot to bring enough, but had the prescription in my wallet), got litterpearls and feline greenies at the pet store. Also stopped by a grocery store for balsamic vinegar and fresh ginger - something I'd been unable to find in more local stores. Off we went to Skei, where we met up with my uncle Pål, in whose care we left my grandfather. We continued on to the Book Town of Fjærland.



You can read more about the book town on their website

I bought a few books: Robert M. Pirsig's Lila and Unni Lindell's Rødhette, both books I've wanted to read, and a randomly found SF book that caught my fancy. A book published in 1963, about a group of people leaving the solar system in hopes for a better life at Alpha Centauri - and the guy on the cover looks kind of like Pravin Lal :P

And I saw a pretty, white cat there. Probably deaf; she didn't react to sounds at all and both her eyes were blue.

Our feet tired, we went up to where my uncle and his family lives, and spent a lot of time there. At first I was really bored, because we had to wait a really long time.. but after that, we had a nice meal (with good tea) and no one asked me what I was doing. Afterward, we got a tour of the new cowshed. Huge, hi-tech, every little detail has been thought of, and almost everything is automated. I never thought dairy farms could be interesting, but I was actually fascinated as each function was explained.

It was getting late, so we headed back, and got home shortly before 1 AM I think.

I was woken up a couple of times in the night by the sound of cats fighting.

It rained a lot and I didn't go out much.

The ice cream van came by. Then my period started full force and I had ultracramps that I had to take painkillers for. Twice. The second wave I could barely walk (or even stand).

Noticed cat food disappearing faster than normal, but otherwise no evidence that there's another cat in the attic. Cleaned the litterbox and gained 12 XP. Cat happy.


Saw Piraten in the attic. Haven't been able to get him down yet. Did some cleaning, and crawled through narrow, cobwebbed places to remove fresh cat poo, as Piraten is a feral and of course not house trained. At least he doesn't have diarrhea as apparently all the other cats who have snuck up into the attic to shit have had in the past.

I took Odessa outside to let her out if she wanted to, and before she could decide, Tono (the dog) came running and chased her up a tree. She stayed there for a while, until I noticed she wasn't moving or making any sound, and got worried. I got a ladder, but it didn't get me high enough to grab her, but at least I could see she was still alive. I was worried she'd had snagged her collar on a branch or something. I put the ladder back and found a longer one, and managed to drag her down a bit, but she went out on the lowest limb and stayed there for a while. Eventually I managed to jump up and give her a push off the branch, and she landed gracefully in the high grass and wandered off.

I went out to call for her a couple of hours later, and she came right away and let me pick her up. Given the choice, she choose to be an indoors cat again with very little hesitation. And I thought I wouldn't see her again until tomorrow night. :P
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